Feb 2023 LET’S TALK RETIREMENT (…because it’s not just about the money!)




Roses and chocolate and cute cards galore

What is this holiday we need to explore?

Restaurants and stores, the movies you’ll view

Full of love and red hearts! What’s a Jew to do?

I’m talking Valentine’s Day - and you’re wondering why

A Retirement Columnist would even try

To bring up such a topic and pray tell, why here?

Keep reading and my motives will soon be quite clear.

As far as I see there’s no religious intent,

Even though years ago that’s what it all meant.

Now relationships and love are the reason to share

Taking time to express how much you care.

“LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF” is Judiasm’s top rule.

We take pride in and consider it a primary jewel.

So, when “Love is in the air,” why not join in?

To show that we care is hardly a sin!

And if in Retirement – when the years they have flown,

How does someone show love if they are alone?

The answer is easy – nothing’s misunderstood

Spend time planning to do things for the greater good!

Look around at your neighbors, some may need a smile.

It doesn’t take long, and it lasts for a while.

Volunteer to help others. Aiding someone in need

Is showing love and real kindness - a good way to lead.

Or maybe ‘yourself’ is where you need the release.

Exercise, listen to music, do things that bring peace

Call a friend; share ideas of something to do

On Valentine’s Day – you’ll take care of you.

Go ahead, make things happen; don’t stay alone and be mad.

Take time to plan ahead; choose happy, not sad.

Be proud to be Jewish on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m Loving My Neighbor As myself” is what you can say!

And in case you want more, let me share this for you.

It’s something I’ve learned as a researching Jew.

On August 1st this year, check out Tu B’Av

In modern-day Israel it’s the Jewish holiday of LOVE!

Remember that regardless of how or when you celebrate

The important part - above all - is to participate!

Don’t scoff at the businesses decked out in red -

Think how you will show love to others instead!

Enjoy February!



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