Donors Make the Difference

Three quarters of a million dollars. That is the amount received during the past six years by the fourteen local Jewish organizations participating in the LIFE & LEGACY™ program.


The LIFE & LEGACY™ program was created by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) to support Jewish organizations across North America through partnerships with local Jewish Federations and Foundations to promote after-lifetime giving. After-lifetime giving allows donors to use their money during the donor’s lifetime while confirming they will leave a gift to the organizations of their choice.


During six years participating in the program, the Nashville Jewish community has obtained 839 letters of intent with an estimated value of $25.4 million. About 73% of donors have formalized their gifts by updating their wills or completing a beneficiary form related to life insurance or a 401(k) plan, designating their chosen organizations as beneficiaries. The participating organizations have received $743,336 from donors during the past six years.


The Nashville Jewish community joined the LIFE & LEGACY™ program in 2017. During the initial four years of the program, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation provided substantial training and financial support to implement the program. Since then, their support has gradually decreased as each participating organization has been encouraged to implement a process to continue after-lifetime giving programs in the future. By the end of our tenth year in the LIFE & LEGACY™ program, the participating organizations in our community will be able to sustain their after-lifetime giving programs without the support of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.


On June 7 our community will celebrate completing another year in the LIFE & LEGACY™ program with a reception at the Gordon Jewish Community Center to honor the donors. The donors are the foundation of our sustainable after-lifetime giving program which will ensure the future of the Nashville Jewish community.


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