Dear Esther

Dear friends,

As I have been doing self-examination to prepare for the holidays, being gentle with each other is on the fore front of my mind. In this era of conflict, war and pandemic, everyone can benefit from a kind and gentle approach. I would encourage you to make it a goal for the next year to find ways to be gentler with each other.

When having a discussion with someone, strive to listen to their point of view and acknowledge their self-worth even during conflict. Even if the other person is acting aggressively, keep your tone of voice low and your body language relaxed. Often conversations will not escalate if you engage in a gentler manner.

When you are with family and friends, strive to give positive affirmations and encouragement. Everyone benefits from positive strokes, and you just might be a positive role model for someone else.

When in public, strive to smile at others for no reason. Sometimes a simple smile can change the course of someone’s day! I personally am going to try to smile more. We often get involved in our daily task and forget about our facial expressions and especially since coming out of two years of hiding behind the mask.

I was speaking with my granddaughter about being gentle and she told me about a time at religious school when they were talking about arguing. A peer shared that she used to argue a lot and always had to have the last word. She stated her teacher helped her realize that it is more important for your family and friends to feel loved than it is to always be right and have the last word.

May you and your family have a year filled with health, love, meaningful friendships, and happy adventures. G’mar chatina tova! And may you be sealed in the Book of Life.


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