Conversations and Culinary Connections: Connecting Interfaith Couples

Food brings people together…Holidays bring people together…combine them together to make a meaningful program!

As a congregation, it is The Temple’s goal to create an inclusive and educational environment while also helping to create community. Through a generous grant from The Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville, The Temple brings together interfaith couples to celebrate and discuss both Jewish and Christian holidays. Through this initiative, young couples are given the chance to learn more about holiday traditions, as well as the opportunity to share their personal experiences and customs. While food is a connector and brings people together, quality and deep conversation has further enhanced the atmosphere of the program.

Couples do not need to be Temple members to participate in this program. Married, engaged, and dating couples can join in on this meaningful experience. From Sukkot to Christmas to Tu B’Shevat, quality discussions and sharing about your own relationship is always on the menu. We end the year by cooking an Israeli themed dinner at The Temple and discussing the couple’s relationship with Israel as an interfaith couple.

Ross Schneiderman shares, “The food was great, but the company was even better. Having just moved to Nashville a little over two years ago during COVID, the interfaith dinners really helped me (and my wife) find a sense of community here.”

This program has been occurring since 2021, with two cohorts that have completed the year of dinner programs. This coming month, there will be a meet up for the two previous cohorts to meet and connect with each other.

Participant Kealy Moriarty says, “I loved the Interfaith Dinners over the past year. They were fun but also meaningful. Connecting with other couples who have the same conversations and run into the same issues was incredible. It made me feel so seen and welcomed by the community to know that my religious background and experiences are also celebrated.

We are looking forward to our third year with new and exciting elements to enhance the experience. If you are interested in being part of the 2023-2024 cohort of Conversations and

Culinary Connections session, please reach out to Sheri Rosenberg (


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