Chabad to Host a Weekend of Inspiration

Learning and Spiritual Growth with Matisyahu


Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin will be the Scholar-in-Residence at Chabad of Nashville, the weekend of November 11th.


Chabad of Nashville, home of Judaism Done Joyfully, will be hosting a weekend with scholar-in-residence Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin, on the weekend of November 11th. Rabbi Matisyahu will present his riveting life story, as a former Altar Boy whose life journey led him to become a rabbi. As a child, Rabbi Devlin attended Catholic school and mass on Sundays with his ten brothers and sisters. Judaism at home was scant, so their identity rested firmly on their Catholic heritage and upbringing. Rabbi Devlin himself was very active in his parish as an altar boy, choir member, and lector. At the tender age of eighteen, after getting into trouble at school and with the law, Rabbi Devlin found himself in New York City attempting a fresh start. A fateful midnight meeting with a stranger in a Manhattan coffee shop would change his life forever. Featured in National Geographic, his story is sure to entertain and inspire you from beginning to end.

On Friday evening November 11, at 6:30 PM, guests will have the opportunity to join Rabbi Matisyahu for Shabbat service, followed by a sit-down gourmet Shabbat dinner. Matisyahu will present his inspiring talk “From Altar Boy to Chabad Rabbi.” Guests will hear the inspiring story of a young man’s journey discovering his Jewish roots, which will inspire you to live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

On Shabbat day, November 12, at 12:30 PM, join Rabbi Matisyahu for Shabbat lunch and for an uplifting experience as he leads as inspirational Farbrengen. Rabbi Matisyahu will share stories and practical life tips on living a life of Judaism done joyfully, in a meaningful, fun, and enlightening way.

Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel of Chabad of Nashville, says, “Nashville is fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a weekend with Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin, as he travels across the world, inspiring his listeners to live a meaningful life.” The weekend is made possible through a grant from the Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. There is no cost to participate in these programs, however seating for dinner and program participation is by prior reservation at For more information call 615-646-5750, or


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