Chabad of Nashville to present the 180k Challenge

Chabad of Nashville to present the 180k Challenge Chabad of Nashville will be hosting a very exciting end-of-year fundraising campaign, “We. Belong. Together. – 180/180 Challenge,” which will kick off Dec. 6 at 10:00 AM, and will continue until Dec. 8 at 10:00 PM. If $180,000 is raised in 60 hours, it will be matched by $180,000 from several generous donors in Nashville. "Tzedakah (charity) is equal to all the other commandments combined." This meaningful fundraising campaign will provide the Nashville community with 60 hours of tremendous opportunity to support the influential and far-reaching work of Chabad of Nashville and the Revere Jewish Montessori Preschool.

During and after Covid-19, Chabad has assisted hundreds of families with financial, emotional and spiritual support. Chabad helped many overcome challenges and obstacles, as many faced financial difficulties and were in dire straits.

Chabad also assisted families with additional scholarship funding for children to receive a Jewish education at the Revere Jewish Montessori preschool. No child was left out in the cold, even when their parents lost their employment due to COVID, or any other financial hardships they may have faced. “We. Belong. Together.” is the time for the Jewish community to unite efforts to strengthen Jewish life and build a bright future and to ensure Jewish continuity in Middle Tennessee. There is no better time than today to support the future of Jewish life in Nashville.

The goal of the match-a-thon is to raise $360,000 in the campaign’s 60 hours. For every dollar that will be donated during the campaign, Chabad of Nashville will receive an additional dollar; all donations will effectively double in value. Essentially, each $100 charitable donation will be doubled and will translate into $200. No donation is too small and each one is appreciated.

This is the seventh year Chabad is holding its successful end-of-year matching campaign, yet this year is different, as there are more people than ever before being impacted by the work of Chabad due to the challenging times we live in. Your support will impact more people than before. The funds raised will also enable children to continue to receive scholarship grants and receive a Jewish education at the Revere Montessori Jewish Preschool.

Special for this year, there will gifts presented for donors of certain levels. Each $1,800 donor will receive a beautiful Mezuzah scroll from the Holy Land of Israel, and each $3,600 donor will receive a gift of a personalized hand carved challah board, and each $5,000 donor will receive a beautiful silver kiddush cup set.

All names of participants in the Chabad of Nashville 180/180 end-of-year campaign will be included in a special prayer that we will be recited on their behalf, for a year of good health and success in all of their endeavors.

For more information about the 180/180 Challenge and to learn about how you can make a difference, visit on Dec. 6 at 10:00 AM through Dec. 8 at 10:00 PM, or call 615-646-5750.


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