Chabad of Nashville invites all to journey to Shabbat in the Heights

Imagine that the Shtetl of Europe has been frozen in time, transported to New York, and then unfrozen. Imagine walking down the main street and seeing the Judaica shops, hearing the sounds of yeshiva students studying the Talmud, smelling the aromas of the freshly baked Challah wafting from the local kosher bakeries, while seeing signs in Hebrew and Yiddish and shuls at every corner, while the skyscrapers of Manhattan rise in the distance.

Chabad of Nashville invites the Nashville community to experience this at Shabbat in the Heights,

When friends from the Nashville community arrived in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn at the last Shabbat in the Heights trip, they knew this would be unlike any other trip taken before. Many have traveled all over the world, but on this weekend, they were hoping to gain something more meaningful.

Stacy Miller from Knoxville, a recent participant from Shabbat in the Heights, shared “Joining the Shabbat in the Heights was a unique experience, that by the end of the weekend, it felt like the whole community in Crown Heights had opened their homes and hearts to welcome us.”

Throughout Shabbat, guest lecturers and study groups provide opportunities to study the Rebbe’s teachings and illuminating perspective on life and its purpose. A guided tour of the Chabad world Headquarters allows a glimpse into the life of the Rebbe, Rabbi M.M. Schneerson, and how he inspired his thousands of emissaries, leaders in their own right, to be points of light in Jewish communities in every corner of the globe.

Nashville, Tennessee will be well-represented this year with a group led by Rabbi Yitzchak and Esther Tiechtel, with Chabad of Nashville. “Living in Nashville and working in the community for the past 25 years makes Nashville home, but a big piece of my heart is always in Crown Heights where I grew up" says, Rabbi Tiechtel. “I can’t wait to share it with my friends from the Nashville community.”

The all-inclusive weekend feels like a retreat, complete with a smorgasbord of authentic Jewish cuisine, and eclectic Chasidic entertainment, providing a much-needed boost of spiritual energy, which will inspire you to living a more meaningful life.

To learn more about Shabbat in the Heights please go to or call Chabad at 615-646-5750.


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