Camp Davis Recap 2021

By Marisa Bayard, Camp Davis Director

The Camp Davis 2021 season has come to an end.  This was a summer full of excitement, joy, and tremendous growth.  As we know, kids have an amazing ability to find happiness in the world around them and we were able to see this firsthand this summer.  

Our 473 different campers this year were able to enjoy nature with old friends and make new friends. They were able to learn about Israel from our Israeli Schlicha Maya, show ruach (spirit) with friends, go on nature hikes, play sports, create art, perform improv, swim, and so much more!  This year we added some challenge activities to foster group initiative within the camp pods, including our Alligator Crossing and Tire Pole Challenge. These activities pushed our campers to work with their camp families as a team to a accomplish a goal. They worked hard and showed their strengths as they worked together as one. A favorite part of camp each week was during Shabbat, as we looked back at the past week and reminisced on the amazing moments we all just experienced.  

We are so thankful to have an amazing community that helps make Camp Davis feel special and unique. During the week of Kehila Kedosha (Holy Community) we talk with the campers about this concept of coming together as a whole and it is extraordinary to see it in a real-life setting! 

We already are starting to plan for next year and we cannot wait to see all the smiling faces in 2022, hopefully in our new Camp Lodge. For more information about Camp Davis, head to, and to support the future of our great camp, and the Nashville Jewish Community, visit


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