An all New Bar/Bat Mitzvah Discovery Program Coming to Nashville

Chabad of Nashville will be offering a new B’nai Mitzvah program this fall, with a wide variety of options to prepare Jewish children for this auspicious day. 

 Bar and Bat mitzvah is Hebrew for “son or daughter of commandment.” According to tradition, when a Jewish boy turns 13, and a Jewish girl turns 12, they have all the rights and obligations of a young Jewish adult, including the commandments of the Torah. From that date, they take their place in the Jewish community. This milestone is often celebrated with creative projects, meaningful gatherings and joyous parties. 

 The Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience at Chabad is tailored to the learning skills of each child, as not all children are alike. Some children feel connected to their heritage by reading from the Torah, while others will celebrate with a Shabbat Candle lighting celebration or a Shabbat Havdalah service. Children who celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Chabad are part of the planning process, and share their input into the ceremony and how to make it meaningful to them. 

 As part of the preparation for this special occasion, Chabad is offering an all new Bar/Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course open to all families that are interested in giving their children a unique experience. This course teaches the tenets of the Jewish faith that are important for Bar/Bat Mitzvah aged children to know as they enter adulthood. For more information on the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Discovery course or for custom tailored Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons, please call Chabad at 615-646-5750 




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