Akiva School Set to Reopen with Record Enrollment

Akiva incoming Kindergartners Jake ShmerlingLavi Fishman and Rex Jackson 

This August, Akiva School is excited to open its doors to 97 students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, demonstrating a 42% growth in enrollment in the past five years alone. This marked increase is the result of an innovative and individualized outreach and marketing approach.  

 Akiva’s Head of Admissions and Outreach, Julie Fortune explains that, “At Akiva we strive to see a minimum of 5% growth in enrollment over every previous year. The school has exceeded this goal over the past few years and anticipates this trend of growth to remain consistent until the school is at full capacity.” According to a recent study by Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools, Akiva has succeeded in growing at almost twice the average rate of other Jewish Day Schools in the United States. When asked what accounts for this growth, Fortune answers simply, “Our families.” Akiva has developed a unique approach in connecting potential families with current families to give them a feel for the school and what it has to offer. The rise in enrollment is not only evidence of the efficacy of this approach, but also testimony that Akiva has become a tour de force in education. Akiva’s growth is a culmination of years of work to develop and implement innovative pedagogical practices, a progressive curriculum, and a diverse and nurturing community. 

 Head of School, Rabba Daniella Pressner, says, “As enrollment rises, the school continues to push itself to provide high level academic, spiritual, and social excellence that focuses on every child’s need.” Akiva maintains its small class sizes, averaging 14 students per class, and an impressive ratio of one faculty member to every five students. Pressner explains the relationship between Akiva’s growth and its development, pointing out that, “As the school grows, we have the chance to both advance our current programming and bring new programs, faculty, and opportunities to the Akiva community.”  

 Board member and Akiva parent James Mackler, echoes Pressner’s sentiment and believes, “The increase in enrollment makes Akiva a better place to prepare Jewish children academically and socially to go out and help repair the world. The future of our students and of the school has never been brighter.” 


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