In partnership with the Consulate General of Japan and the Japan American Society of Tennessee, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens hosted its 8th annual Otsukimi, a Japanese festival honoring the autumn moon. As part of the celebration of Japanese art and culture, Cheekwood hosted a haiku contest, spotlighting the traditional Japanese three-line poem. Haiku is written in a 5/7/5 syllable count, and often paints a vivid and expressive picture of nature. Students from across Middle Tennessee entered the contest, submitting their most creative and artistic works.

Congratulations to Akiva students Dalia Jones and Simone Tran (2nd grade) and JMS student Gabe Burgess ( 7th grade) for placing in this year’s Cheekwood Haiku Competition!

Dalia Jones - First Place in the Under 10 Category:

The Moon:

When the lights go out

Everyone is tucked in

One light in the sky

The Moon


 Akiva students Dallia Jones and Simone Tran, 2nd grade, receive Haiku awards at Cheekwood








Simone Tran - Consul-General Choice Haiku in the Under 18 Category


A breeze filled the air

Colors decorate the ground

Leaves fall in silence


JMS student Gabe Burgess, 7th grade, receives Haiku award at Cheekwood

Gabe Burgess - First Place in the Age 10-18 Category

When Fall Comes:

Fall comes, so do winds

So cool and ripe for jackets

And for sweet apples


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