A Taste of Hillel: Kehilla Kedosha “Creating a Holy Community”



Vanderbilt Hillel students will share their experiences with the community at an interactive event. 



This year, Vanderbilt Hillel is inviting the community to experience how first year students transition from new arrivals to considering Vanderbilt Hillel a home away from home. The event, Kehilla Kedosha “Creating a Holy Community,” will offer an inside look at the Vanderbilt student experience.  

Guests will be greeted, placed into groups, and experience interactive stations such as Freshman Orientation, Shabbat, Holidays, Israel, and Jewish Education in a similar way to how students experience the programming. 

“This program was designed to replicate the students experience,” says Shannon Small, Development Director at Vanderbilt Hillel, “We hope that community members connect by having a shared common experience with one another. That’s what we do at Hillel. We connect Jewish students with shared common experiences.” 

The event will also include pairing stations complete with food catered by Goldie Shepard and beer/cider from Rhizome Productions Inc. as well as Israeli wine from Red Spirits and Wine. The program is Sunday, May 15th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Vanderbilt Hillel building. For more information, please contact Shannon Small, Development Director, at shannon.small@vanderbilt.edu 




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