48 Hours of Learning with Scholars Rabbi Tuvia and Chaya Teldon

Rabbi Tuvia and Chaya Teldon, visiting scholars at Chabad of Nashville on Shavuot.

Internationally acclaimed speakers, authors, and writers, Rabbi Tuvia and Chaya Teldon will be visiting as Scholars-in-Residence at Chabad of Nashville for the Festival of Shavuot, June 5-6, 2022. Throughout the two days of Shavuot there will be several lectures, opportunities for learning, and informal one-on-one study sessions with Rabbi Tuvia and Chaya Teldon.

Now a Chabad Rabbi for more than 40 years, Rabbi Tuvia Teldon was compelled to take his spiritual learning to a new level after his son’s death from Cystic Fibrosis in 1991. Thus began a 28-year journey that culminated with the publication of Eight Paths of Purpose, which seeks to help others understand the variety of ways we can fulfill our purpose, and how central this is to our core being.

Currently, the executive director of 34 Chabad Centers on Long Island (New York), Rabbi Teldon regularly shares insights on his weekly Cablevision Long Island talk show, The Jewish Spotlight, on social media, and through his many classes and speaking engagements. He also presented a four-part course on Chabad.org (Your Path to Purpose), which had over 3,000 students globally.

Mrs. Teldon has lectured throughout the US, in Israel, Ireland, Australia, Canada, England, Argentina, and South Africa. The New York Times called her the “Erma Bombeck” of Jewish Speakers. A typical remark upon seeing a newly constructed ritual bath: "I must say, it could be featured in better homes and mikvahs!" Her humor and warmth, mixed with the Jewish wisdom of the ages, touch all ages and populations. Rabbi Tuvia and Chaya Teldon have impacted and changed thousands of lives, for the better. They live in Commack, Long Island near their five adult children and a growing family tree of grandchildren.

On Saturday, June 4, at 7:15 PM, Mrs. Chaya Teldon will usher in the Holiday of Shavuot with a Lecture, titled, "G-d in Love" – A Romantic View on the Purpose of the Universe. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What does G-d want from us? Sometimes the most rational approach is the one that makes no sense.

At 8:30 PM there will be a Festive Holiday Dinner (by RSVP at chabadnashville.com), followed by a presentation by Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, about his book Eight Paths of Purpose, which seeks to help others understand the variety of ways we can fulfill our purpose, and how central this is to our core being. That will be followed by late-night learning, with Torah Talks in a Ted Talk format by members of the Nashville community.

On Sunday, June 5, the first day of Shavuot, at 5:30 PM is the Ten Commandments Ice Cream Party & Delightful Dairy Buffet. This event will include a reenactment of the original Ten Commandments, as it is read from the Torah under a Chuppah, in the presence of the children standing on the Bimah near the Torah. This will be followed by a dairy buffet dinner, just as the Jewish people enjoyed at Mt. Sinai, celebrating their becoming a nation.

At the dairy buffet dinner, Mrs. Chaya Teldon will share her story, on what it was like when the Oprah Winfrey Show wanted to understand the Jewish home and Jewish women, and they called upon the expertise of Chaya Teldon.

On Monday evening June 6, the second day of Shavuot, at 7:00 PM, Mrs. Teldon will present a lecture on Are G-d's Challenges Too Difficult? –The Highly Spiritual Art of Letting Go. Is it possible to become hooked on our own negative thoughts? Can we become addicted to people and to unhealthy relationships? Learn the spiritual art of freeing ourselves from these attachments so we can live the life that G-d is giving us.

These lectures and programs are open to all members of the Nashville community, are free of charge, and will take place at the Genesis Campus for Jewish Life, 95 Bellevue Road. For more information go to www.chabadnashville.com, or call 615-646-5750.


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