March 2022 in the Gordon JCC Galleries



A Rose, by Kristin Llamas 







Teal Ballerina, by Emily Coleman 










Radnor Lake – Fall Afternoon, by Quentin Eichbaum 





The Janet Levine March Gallery will feature the work of Kristin Llamas and Daughters. Award-winning and returning artist, Kristin Llamas developed her first solo museum exhibition at age twenty-two in 2005. She has received recognition by the National Society of Arts and Letters as well as three professional development grants. Her work resides in public and private collections around the U.S. and Europe including collected pieces through the Tennessee State Museum, the Taube Museum of Art, and the Parthenon Museum. Llamas was selected for the Nashville International Airport and has exhibited throughout the U.S., France, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland, presenting at events including a TEDx Talk in Nashville.  

The artist’s fine art collections and installations focus on history, culture, environment, and philosophy through both beauty and mindfulness. Her paintings and installation work encourage community interaction inspired by the idea that art helps us understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us. She is most well known for her signature pieced together canvas and addition of three-dimensional elements on two-dimensional work. Her mirror-writing and symbolic imagery add layers and depth to complex themes.  

Born in Rochester, NY, Kristin Llamas is now based out of Nashville, with her husband and three daughters. Her work is represented by The Studio 208 Gallery in Nashville, TN, Art Elevated Gallery in Park City, UT, and DaVallia Art Gallery in Chester, VT.  

Crimson, Lily, and Fischer Llamas are the daughters of award-winning artist, Kristin Llamas. The three girls grew up in their mother’s studio, playing in her paints underfoot. They were always given free creative reign and while the fine arts were never pushed on them as a career, all three have developed creative passions of their own. Crimson, 13, enjoys creating culinary treats and hopes to travel abroad to study as a chef. Lily, 11, is an award-winning pianist who also dreams of opening a bakery where she builds sculptural cakes. For the youngest of the three, Fischer, 7, fashion is everything. As a toddler, she began using herself as a palette to create unique characters through wardrobe and makeup. The Llamas girls have been attending their mother’s art shows at the JCC since infancy and this year, they have been invited to add their own flair to the show by introducing some experimental paintings of their own.  

The JLMG2 Gallery will feature the work of Emily Coleman. Emily’s interest in human anatomy and capturing bodies in motion, led to her series of dancing women. Becoming a mother inspired her to incorporate flowers in the dancers’ costumes as blooming flowers are symbolically associated with reproduction and new life. This is her first exhibit at the J Galleries.  

The Sig Held Gallery will feature the work of Quentin Eichbaum. Quentin was born and raised in Namibia and South Africa where the vast landscapes instilled in him a lasting love for painting both landscapes and abstracts. His medium is watercolor using big brush strokes to capture impressionistic landscapes and expressionist abstracts. He has a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in creative writing from Vermont College. He has exhibited in the US and Southern Africa. He studied science and medicine at Harvard and MIT - sees beauty in science and medicine - and is currently a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. The Senior Lounge continues to feature the work of Robbie Laskey.  

The House gallery will feature the Under One Roof collaborative exhibit. The Exhibition Dates are March 1 – 31st. The exhibitions are free and open to the public. Any attendees will need to wear masks and sign in at the front desk. For more information, contact the GJCC at 615.354-1699, Curator Carrie Mills at, or go to 



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